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 Cthulhu (Application)

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Cthulhu  (Application)  Empty
PostSubject: Cthulhu (Application)    Cthulhu  (Application)  EmptyThu Oct 01, 2015 3:33 am

Hey guys, i have several characters.

Some in the making as well.

Radnik  (LSW BURSTER)  lvl88

S=1           Bonus ranged 2x
P=5           Bonus Rate of fire 2x
E=8            Toughness 2x
I=6             Lifegiver 2x
A=9             Medic
Dagon, Sniper build.
In the making level 33.
Cthulhuu Small gun burst/crafter
level 77
Couple of others that i do not use as much.

I am a Canadian/Croatian  Curently living in Croatia.

My english is perfect, i also speak german,Croatian, Serbian, bosnian etc.
I am applying for FOnline2

I used to play alot in 2238.
But have not played in a couple of years.
All these dungeons and stuff are new too me,also rules..rules...rules..     but i learn fast.
(Mostly in my own mistakes  Evil or Very Mad

The PvP strategies are pretty much the same as before, just different builds.
So i wont have a problem there.

Played all Fallout games.
All black isles games really..

Why crazy88?
Seems like a functional and friendly team of players.
I personally do not know many.But i know their names come with a good reputation as well.

A Bit about Me:
My name is Chris, Friends call me Kiki.
I am 25, married and have a child
My own business, and yet have Enough time for fonline....
I play in the mornings... afternoons... evenings...
Sometimes all day.  

I am very friendly and i like to joke alot.
I also have some vices though...
I like to drink,smoke. etc.

Additional info :
I was in Hello Kitty for some time, but the lack of communication was absurd.
There was so many mixed nationalities yet nobody wished to help, or be reasonable or explain things to Oldschool NEWcommers.

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Cthulhu  (Application)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cthulhu (Application)    Cthulhu  (Application)  EmptyThu Oct 01, 2015 3:45 am

Looks fine for now. PM'ed with TS info.

Cthulhu  (Application)  HNpe0yu
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Cthulhu (Application)
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