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 racoiaws application 2

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PostSubject: racoiaws application 2   racoiaws application 2 EmptyFri May 22, 2020 4:33 pm

Character Names and Descriptions

Fast Relogger - Tanky BGer/crafter. Quick Hands and Stonewall
Fun Fest - glass cannon BG burster
Uhhh - TB SGer

Nationality and current country you live in: US, east coast

Age: 29

Languages: English

For which server you would like to apply: FOnline 2

Game Experience: I played Fonline 2 as C88 in ~2013 and FOnline 2238 as UV in ~2015.

couple old videos!

Why Crazy 88? They seem like a better choice between my two past groups. UV is targeting the lowest common denominator

About me: I work as a software developer and I like festivals/EDM/etc (rip, COVID-19)

Additional Info: I don't have aspirations to grind all day for implants/level99/T4's (though I might wind up doing so anyways...) Just for fun!
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PostSubject: Re: racoiaws application 2   racoiaws application 2 EmptySat May 23, 2020 1:37 am

Hi and welcome back.
Thanks for sharing these pearls of memories, your application will be discussed by our Mastah Blastah's council.
Stay tuned! bounce


  • Per Aspera Ad Astra.
  • To the stars through difficulties.
  • Par des sentiers ardus jusqu'aux étoiles.
  • Por el sendero áspero, a las estrellas.
  • Über raue Pfade gelangt man zu den Sternen.
  • Attraverso le asperità alle stelle.
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racoiaws application 2
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