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 The Last Light introduction.

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The Last Light introduction. Empty
PostSubject: The Last Light introduction.   The Last Light introduction. EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 11:55 am

The Last Light introduction. TLL1

We call ourselves The Last Light. We are a group of individuals interested in giving a hand to new players.

Our main goals are:

-To establish a network of trustworthy people interested in helping new players, so newbies know about them and know who to trust and ask for help.

-To help new players during their first steps on the FOnline:2238 wasteland, and offer them a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, encouraging them to keep playing this game, to raise the server’s population.

Wiki article
IRC Channel*: #TheLastLight

*No idea how to use IRC? -> Read this!

We’ve noticed that many people decide to quit this game after playing it for a very short time. Many complain the game is too hard, that they die too often, too easily, which means they are losing their items all the time, many find it extremely hard to even create their first tent. And many find this game just boring. So these players don’t last long in the server, and this is one of the reasons the server’s population is so low at the moment. Since 2238 has no in-game tutorial or startup help, The Last Light can be seen as a player-driven “newbie tutorial”, where new players can gather and learn the game while playing. It will be possible for them to achieve their first goals more easily and to meet other people they could team up with. The game will be less boring for everyone if there’s more people playing – even PKs will have moar people to pew pew!

Some of us are members of factions of very different kinds, some of us are loners. The Last Light has no ties to any specific faction. Its commitment is with new players and with the server in general.

The Last Light is, as said, a network of trustworthy individuals, and not a real faction, although there are a few people that control the group’s base and have other similar forms of “power” or authority. But this is only to keep a minimum level of efficiency. Nobody is to be considered the leader of The Last Light.

The group owns a base, which will be used as a meeting point and maybe as a safe zone for newbies to trade, craft, talk to each other, etc. But everyone should remember that this is just a shared territory – never leave your personal items there!

If you are a newbie and are in need of a hand, even if it’s just about getting a good advice, you can ask members of The Last Light for help. However, we won’t tell you to wait in a town, for example, while we’re out hunting brahmins. If you want our help you’ll have to move and do things as well.

We want to organize newbies in expeditions to hunt Brahmins, to visit mines, to get Professions or Support Perks, etc. We want newbies to learn the game while playing and encourage them to work in teams. We would also like to prepare player-driven events (including some little RP events) in which new players can participate.

The purpose of this group is to bring some more life to the server and have fun together while helping the server’s new blood. Any player with good intentions and similar interests is invited to help us in our activities, no matter what faction they belong to.
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The Last Light introduction.
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