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 TheLastLight Forum Rules and pFAQtidwamto.

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TheLastLight Forum Rules and pFAQtidwamto. Empty
PostSubject: TheLastLight Forum Rules and pFAQtidwamto.   TheLastLight Forum Rules and pFAQtidwamto. EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 11:46 am


The basics that every other forum has:

-No hardcore trolling/flaming.
-No racism.
-No nudity (naked women sent to me via Private Message is ok).
-No mindless spamming ("Smile" to express your feelings is fine, "fafdFasb" is not.

FOnline and C88 relationship based rules:

-Avoid posting on the entrance level, that part is for people who want to join C88.
-No faction trashing, no matter wich faction you want to trash-talk don't do it here, treat the TLL as a separate section of the forum.

Possible frequently asked questions that I don't want to answer more than once:

Q: Is this C88 involved?
A: We'll help however we can but the section itself is for The Last Light, Crazy88 supports the project and that's it.

Q: Will you guys spy on us or something?
A: We won't mind you at all.

Q: What's the point of this with IRC for chatting?
A: Keeping something "permanent" from TLL, some warning to other people about a drama that happened in #TheLastLight here permanently, screenshots, blacklists and general conversations from people of different time-zones, stuff that can't be done on an IRC chat.

Q: Why the C88 forum and not some other forum?
A: The other died out because it had too many eggs for one basket, a single section should be enough to fill all TLL's needs, plus the founder Eternauta and two operators are in here, law of minimun effort.
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TheLastLight Forum Rules and pFAQtidwamto.
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