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Dr. Feelgood

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PostSubject: - READ ME FIRST -   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:26 pm

Welcome to the Crazy 88 Recruitment Center, Wastelander.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, please post a new topic in this section and fill your Member Application.

Your Application must reproduce this template (we ask you to stick to it and fill it completely, otherwise you will most probably not get our answer fast):

Character Names and Descriptions (optional: add all info about their builds - SPECIAL, Traits, Tag Skills, and Perks)

Nationality and current country you live in (we are an international gang so we will not say no to your app because of your nationality, but we need to know this because of timezones)

Age (we usually look for people who are 18 or older, but if you are younger than that, you still might get a chance)

Languages (English is the official language of our gang, so we would like to know if you can understand English, both written and spoken, even if not completely - also tell us about any other language you understand)

For which server you would like to apply (specify if FOnline 2 or FOnline: Reloaded)

Game Experience (tell us how long you've been playing FOnline, and what servers you've played. Add info about what you usually do and like doing ingame -PvE, PvP, TC, hunts, slavery, taxi, trading, helping people, whatever-, if you need more help in learning the game, etc. -note: don't be afraid to say you are a total newbie-. Also tell us what Fallout games you've played)

Why Crazy 88? (tell us why you are interested in our gang, if you know any of our members, if you have met us ingame, etc)

About me (tell us a little bit about you, outside of the game)

Additional Note (you are free add anything you want here, in case you got something to say but don't find the right place to put it)

also, only paste the bolded parts as headlines into your app, not the whole thing.

Once your application has been posted, you will have to wait for our members to read it and give their opinions. And as John Porno said:

Quote :
<@[C88]John_Porno> just dont be an idiot and you'll be accepted/promoted eventually

We dont use Irc anymore so going to our irc channel has no point, we use teamspeak only.
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